Sunday, 23 August 2015

Angels of the world finished

I have finally finished Joan Elliott's Angels of the World. The first pic on the bottom is without the beads. The top pic is the project fully finished and the middle pic is a close up of some of the beading.

I am still in a lot of pain but the stitching is keeping my mind off. I'm starting a new project today called blackwork beauty. I haven't done blackwork before so it's a first for me :-)

Sunday, 16 August 2015

I stitched the world

I managed to stitch the world yesterday :-) I'm looking forward to stitching the rest of it. 
I'm feeling a little better today apart from the horrible headache I've woken up with. It's a nice day today so may take the dogs for a good walk while the pains are mild :-)

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Another stitching day and health update

I've done more stitching today, I ran out of blue 312 for the world but fortunately my daughter lives near a shop that sells DMC. I'm hoping to finish the world today.

 I'm in a lot of pain today in my chest and back. I also have the pressure headache that makes me feel drunk. I feel really queasy too. :-(

Friday, 14 August 2015

Page 3 finished of Joan Elliott's Angels of the world

I've finished page 3 of 4, it's taken longer than my other projects due to sight issues. I started page 4 today but it's been difficult because my hands have been shaky due to FND and severe anxiety. It's an awful condition because you don't know what symptom you will suffer from day to day. I had a scary moment yesterday I was amazed at something that happened thinking Wow!! but seconds later I though silly cow that happens all the time!! It's like I had a total memory wipe for a few seconds. It's happened in the past and its awful. The doctor has referred me to the pain clinic for the nerve pain, I can understand why people go crazy through pain. Try walking around with constant leg and foot cramps, add a mixture of spine pain and a feeling of pressure in your head like someone is squeezing your head and shooting pains in other areas such as the chest and shoulders, that is a usual day for me. I have two weeks off work with a review with GP about how I'm feeling. So I'm sure there will be another update soon xx

Ps. I'm not looking for any sympathy just understanding from those who know me personally xx