Monday, 2 November 2009

FINISHED L&L In the arms of an angel

I finished this on the 28th October but have only just got round to taking pics. Ive really enjoyed doing it and hoping to get it framed this month to give to Neils mum for christmas. I am doing some christmas cards now.I kitted up a Robin card kit to do for my Grandma but now i can't find it anywhere:( I am gutted. Ive found another Robin chart from an old Card shop mag. Hopefully the other kit will turn up:)

Heres a bit of detail from the dress. The beads and metallics look fantastic and worth all the hard work in the end:)


  1. She looks great, lot of detail in the dress.Neils mum will love it.

  2. you've done an excellent job on the angel, it looks gorgeous. Well done!